My Art on Remo Drum heads for Visionary Drum in Portland

I’m really excited to announce that I’ll be offering up my art to Justin Potts of Visionary Drum in Portland, Oregon. Justin is doing some really cool things in collaboration with Remo to offer original art for your drum kit. You can either have the art printed directly on the head by Remo, or order a peel and stick sheet that is applied to an existing head. Both options look great and don’t affect the sound much. The peel and stick sheet will slightly dampen the sound but this may actually be desirable for many drummers.

At the moment I have 9 options available from his site. Each one can be ordered for any size Remo head. As a long-time drummer myself, this is really fun to see my art on a drum kit. I don’t often get to play a kit these days because I don’t have a space for it but I still dream about drumming often. I hope you enjoy these heads and please feel free to hit me up with custom orders. I’d be happy to design a head just for you!

Please visit VISIONARY DRUM to learn more and order your skins.

Atomic Tree: Limited Edition Canvas Prints, Custom-Framed by the Artist

This very special limited edition of only 15 canvas Atomic Tree Prints will each be custom framed by the artist, signed and numbered.

Frames will be unique and hand built from custom molding with specially designed laser-cut or sculpted embellishments. Because the frames will not be production-line-style, each one will be unique. Prices will vary depending on the complexity of the frame and the customers budget. Starting at just $375 for the most basic, with the most elaborate framed print costing about $550.

These will be lovingly built to order. Once you have placed your order and paid it may take up to three weeks to receive your framed print.

Solo Show: Return to Nature

I have my first solo show in several years coming up next month. It will be at a super cool little place in my new hometown of Duvall, Washington called Longevity Foods. Murali and Lakita who run it are both amazing souls, and have offered me their space for the month of June to share some new and past works with you. They will be catering the artist reception on June 9th from 1-4pm. Their healthy cooking is so good and made with love. I’d show up just to sample their art if I were you. Plus there’s the bonus of seeing some nice paintings if you’re into that :)

I’ll have lots of small items for sale as well like stickers, coloring books and prints. Please come by and show the love.

Longevity Foods, Duvall, Washington

longevity FlyerSmall.jpg

Introducing Woodspirit Artist Refuge

I’m excited to share that this year my girlfriend Carrie Schmitt and I founded an artist retreat center in Duvall, Washington. It’s called Woodspirit Artist Refuge and is the beginning of an exciting new adventure into natural healing through a deep connection to nature and our own creative forces. We are both teachers and intuitive creators who share a passion for helping others overcome their own internal road blocks so that they may connect again to their creative life force, their birthright.

Woodspirtit Artist Refuge is located on 11 acres of beautiful wild forested land in the foothills of the North Cascades. It’s truly a magical place out here and we can’t wait to open our home and hearts to you. You can learn more by visiting our new website:

You can also learn more about all the amazing work that Carrie has done to help others heal and find their creativity. She is a long time workshop facilitator, author and painter. Here’s her site.

Follow us on instagram as well. @woodspiritartistrefuge


New Work

I’ve been in a very prolific phase lately, maybe its the fact that winter has me literally trapped indoors much of the time. After a big move out into the woods and an exhausting December and January I’m back in the swing of things and painting in my new home studio. Here’s one of the newest works. This was inspired by a trip to NY and the museums there late last year. It’s a bit different than the nature scenes I normally explore but I like how it turned out. Theres another half dozen or more nearing completion that will be posted soon. Thanks for looking, cheers!


The new video is now available

I’m really excited to share this new video by Israel Medrano from @Medranoproductions. I don’t usually share this much about my creative process and I’m generally not comfortable on film but when Israel approached me about doing this project together I was excited to make the leap and open my studio to him and his camera. I’m glad I did. I’m really happy with the end product. I think he did a wonderful job with the video. Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

Inspiration Strikes!

I’ve been in a painting frenzy lately. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. 2018 has been my most prolific year by far. It feels great and I’m painting a lot right now because when the inspiration strikes you have to take advantage because it’s not always this easy.

Longing for the teachings of jungle… 36x36” acrylic on canvas. This one seemed to happen without me even being fully present. Did I even paint this? I like where it’s going. I still have a few hours to go before it’s finished…


CoSM Deities and Demons 2018

I’m a little slow posting this but I just want to express my gratitude for all the lovely souls out at CoSM who made the 2018 Deities and Demons masquerade a smashing success. I had so much fun in my Jedi robes, painting with Alex and Allyson, Xavi, Stella and Martin. It’s a lovely place to chill for a few days and get inspired. Good food, great art and amazing people. And the train ride upstate to the sleepy little train station was beautiful and felt like some kind of mythological boarder crossing. Here is one of the two paintings I made there, the other still needs a lot of work but you can catch a glimpse of it over my shoulder in the second photo. Thanks again CoSM, I hope I can come back soon!

Wheels of Creation

Wheels of Creation

The Force is strong

The Force is strong

Imagine 2018 and the end of a great summer

Imagine Music and Arts Festival on Orcas island is behind me now and I don’t have any more festivals planned at all. It feels good to be back home and going nowhere at all. I’m looking forward to getting comfy in the studio and finishing the many paintings that were started but not finished because I was constantly being swooped into the next adventure. 2018 has already been the most productive year for painting that I’ve ever had; about 20+ paintings so far.

Here is a beautiful shot of the altar that Anu Honey, Jasper Sircus and Tifa Mudita built at Imagine as a center piece for the dome. It was an honor to be asked to contribute the Orca painting that I started at Beloved a month earlier. I think what they created here is wonderful.

Have you seen a better altar? Photo: Tifa Mudita

Have you seen a better altar? Photo: Tifa Mudita

And I’m almost done with the two live paintings that I started at Imagine. I’m pretty happy with where they each went. One is a study on river life with tall reeds, cattails and maybe some fish? The other shows the Earth, Sun and Moon with a campfire that curls up into the canopy of stars that covers us all.

Work in progress from Imagine 2018

Work in progress from Imagine 2018

Another work in progress started at Imagine 2018

Another work in progress started at Imagine 2018

All life is swirling around us always…so much gratitude and love for this life, my community and the opportunity to share my art with all of you. Thank you.

Live Painting at Beloved 2018

My first year painting at Beloved was so much more than I had anticipated. What a dreamy festival: The beautiful people, the incredible music, the cast of live painters and gallery/store crew...basically everything was perfect and well executed. I've never had more fun live painting and it probably shows in the three paintings I made over the course of 4 days! 


Yes that's right, 3 paintings in 4 days. What can I say, the inspiration was so overwhelming, I was overflowing with creative energy! Truth be told, none of them were quite finished but still, I was a little surprised how much progress I made.

I painted the initial layers of the orca painting with my hands!

I painted the initial layers of the orca painting with my hands!

The main painting of the three was a little prayer for the Southern Resident Orcas in Puget Sound. I heard that the day I painted it the mother who had been carrying her dead calf for 17 days finally released it and ended her tour of grief. This painting will be featured at Imagine Festival on Orcas Island September 7-9th. 

Three paintings started at Beloved 2018

Three paintings started at Beloved 2018

New Stickers! The Forest Spirit

I just got these sweet new stickers in the mail! They're beautiful coated vinyl, 5.5x4" and only $4 each.

The Forest Spirit was painted earlier this year and is from a vision I had of an Owl-like spirit who came to me deep in the woods and seemed to say that the spirit of nature was neutral and that all I had to do was surrender fear and doubt and just trust that the universe has my back. Everything will be okay, just stay confident.  


Hempfest 2018

Hempfest this year was a lot of fun! I spent three days painting outside with 100s and and 100s of appreciative art lovers flowing past all day. I started a new piece and although it's not done yet I think I can finish it in another day or two. 

Currently untitled. 24x36" acrylic on canvas. 

Currently untitled. 24x36" acrylic on canvas. 



Deities and Demon 14th Annual Ball at CoSM

I'm super excited to share that I'll finally be headed out to CoSM to paint with Alex and Allyson Grey! I'll be there for the 14th annual Deities and Demons Halloween Ball! I've heard so many amazing things about CoSM, I can't wait to finally experience it for myself. 

The Multi-Colored Machine

Here is a video preview of my new coloring book "the Multi-Colored Machine". It's available now for $17 shipped to your door or $15 in person if you come visit my studio Praxis Arts in Georgetown Seattle. 

It contains 22 illustrations lovingly crafted over the course of about a year in coffee shops and various arty places. The selected original pencil drawings were then scanned and "inked" digitally and brought together in this volume.

Designed for all ages and methods of coloring. You can add more line work with an ink pen, color them with pen, pencil or crayon. You can use vivid color or even greyscale... you are limited only by your imagination! 

I hope you enjoy it and please share your creations, I'd love to see what you make of these drawings. 

The Multi-Colored Machine

It's finally done and available now for purchase. 22 illustrations to be modified as you see fit. I think it turned out beautifully, I'm very happy with the quality that Girlie Press on Capitol Hill turned in, and I think you'll love it too. It's signed and can be yours for only $12



Beloved Festival 2018

Tidewater, here I come! 


I'm super excited to announce that I will be joining the live-paining crew at Beloved this year. I'll be up on the painting stage creating something new and exciting from scratch. You'll also be able to find a few works for sale in the gallery as well as merchandise in the store. I even have a new surprise item I'm working hard to finish just in time for the event. 

It's a real honor to be included in such a beautiful festival among so many creative and loving souls. Seriously, I can't wait!



"Water Spirit" Time Lapse

Here's a time lapse video I made over the course of 5 long days (about 60 hours total) working on this painting from the very start. It is meant to be a companion piece to the "Forest Spirit" painting I made a couple weeks before. I started without any real concept or sketches, I only knew it needed to match the spontaneity and looseness of the Forest Spirit. This proved to be very challenging! You can see in the video how many times I had to rework the face before I found what I was looking for. So here it is, 60 hours compressed into a minute and a half! 

water spirit.jpg

Water Spirit Painting Progress

I've spent 4 long days painting a companion piece to my Forest Spirit painting. I have at least one more day to go on her but so far I like where this one ended up. It has been very challenging to try and match the spontaneity and ease of The Forest Spirit. I've been making a time lapse video of the whole piece starting with a blank canvas so when I post that you'll see what I mean. Lots of editing! Anyway, these are both works in progress...

Water Spirit, Forest Spirit 24x36, acrylic on canvas

Water Spirit, Forest Spirit 24x36, acrylic on canvas