Solo Show: Return to Nature

I have my first solo show in several years coming up next month. It will be at a super cool little place in my new hometown of Duvall, Washington called Longevity Foods. Murali and Lakita who run it are both amazing souls, and have offered me their space for the month of June to share some new and past works with you. They will be catering the artist reception on June 9th from 1-4pm. Their healthy cooking is so good and made with love. I’d show up just to sample their art if I were you. Plus there’s the bonus of seeing some nice paintings if you’re into that :)

I’ll have lots of small items for sale as well like stickers, coloring books and prints. Please come by and show the love.

Longevity Foods, Duvall, Washington

longevity FlyerSmall.jpg