Prayer Wheel Commission

The newest prayer wheel commission is finished and off to its new owner, my friend Wayne Marto of Beneficial Sound in Seattle. Wayne is treating the Seattle area and beyond to soothing healing sound baths with his massive setup of planetary gongs. Last I counted I think he had 12 gongs!

Wayne asked me to paint this wheel with the seven chakras represented as well as the cycles of the moon. It was a challenge to paint the small details of the seven symbols and I had to do a little research since I’m no chakra expert, but I think I got them mostly right. I’m happy with the outcome anyway. I think these things are not exactly scientific anyway and open to a bit of interpretation, like a horoscope.

The wheel itself is made of solid wood, designed and built by my friend Gordon, a retired master craftsman with many decades of experience with woodworking. He’s built a few of these now and has perfected the bearings in the base. There are two bearings in the base so that is will spin smooth and for a long time. It’s really a work of art and a true collaboration between Gordon and I. The concept for the wheel comes from Carrie Schmitt and with Wayne giving his input, this is really a four-way collaboration.

The intention for this wheel, as Carrie saw it, was to write a prayer, intention or wish down and put the paper in the well and give it a spin. May your dreams come true. I think it really works, and Carrie swears by it.

If you’d like to own your own custom prayer wheel, please message me and we can make it happen.