Festival News

Beloved Festival 2018

Tidewater, here I come! 


I'm super excited to announce that I will be joining the live-paining crew at Beloved this year. I'll be up on the painting stage creating something new and exciting from scratch. You'll also be able to find a few works for sale in the gallery as well as merchandise in the store. I even have a new surprise item I'm working hard to finish just in time for the event. 

It's a real honor to be included in such a beautiful festival among so many creative and loving souls. Seriously, I can't wait!



Lucidity 2018

My first experience at Lucidity in Santa Barbra was really really epic. What a magical gathering of beautiful people. I made so many new friends and started a couple new paintings that I hope to finish in the coming weeks.

Here is a peak at one of them that a friend captured with this beautiful photo. This painting is a tribute to the Sun, spring time and the renewal of life as a new cycle begins, and life springs forward after a period of dormancy. 

New Beginning

Live Painting Last Night

Last night I painted at another EntsInTents event, Bloom! We set up in the old Roq La Rue building on 2nd and Bell and brought in 6 other painters and their art for the evening. I had started with an large circular birch board, a live painting from last year that I decided to paint over...after about 5 hours of steady work I think I like the new direction and plan to finish this in the studio, hopefully in the next few weeks.