drum skins

My Art on Remo Drum heads for Visionary Drum in Portland

I’m really excited to announce that I’ll be offering up my art to Justin Potts of Visionary Drum in Portland, Oregon. Justin is doing some really cool things in collaboration with Remo to offer original art for your drum kit. You can either have the art printed directly on the head by Remo, or order a peel and stick sheet that is applied to an existing head. Both options look great and don’t affect the sound much. The peel and stick sheet will slightly dampen the sound but this may actually be desirable for many drummers.

At the moment I have 9 options available from his site. Each one can be ordered for any size Remo head. As a long-time drummer myself, this is really fun to see my art on a drum kit. I don’t often get to play a kit these days because I don’t have a space for it but I still dream about drumming often. I hope you enjoy these heads and please feel free to hit me up with custom orders. I’d be happy to design a head just for you!

Please visit VISIONARY DRUM to learn more and order your skins.