My Art on Remo Drum heads for Visionary Drum in Portland

I’m really excited to announce that I’ll be offering up my art to Justin Potts of Visionary Drum in Portland, Oregon. Justin is doing some really cool things in collaboration with Remo to offer original art for your drum kit. You can either have the art printed directly on the head by Remo, or order a peel and stick sheet that is applied to an existing head. Both options look great and don’t affect the sound much. The peel and stick sheet will slightly dampen the sound but this may actually be desirable for many drummers.

At the moment I have 9 options available from his site. Each one can be ordered for any size Remo head. As a long-time drummer myself, this is really fun to see my art on a drum kit. I don’t often get to play a kit these days because I don’t have a space for it but I still dream about drumming often. I hope you enjoy these heads and please feel free to hit me up with custom orders. I’d be happy to design a head just for you!

Please visit VISIONARY DRUM to learn more and order your skins.

Introducing Woodspirit Artist Refuge

I’m excited to share that this year my girlfriend Carrie Schmitt and I founded an artist retreat center in Duvall, Washington. It’s called Woodspirit Artist Refuge and is the beginning of an exciting new adventure into natural healing through a deep connection to nature and our own creative forces. We are both teachers and intuitive creators who share a passion for helping others overcome their own internal road blocks so that they may connect again to their creative life force, their birthright.

Woodspirtit Artist Refuge is located on 11 acres of beautiful wild forested land in the foothills of the North Cascades. It’s truly a magical place out here and we can’t wait to open our home and hearts to you. You can learn more by visiting our new website: www.woodspiritartistrefuge.com.

You can also learn more about all the amazing work that Carrie has done to help others heal and find their creativity. She is a long time workshop facilitator, author and painter. Here’s her site.

Follow us on instagram as well. @woodspiritartistrefuge


Deities and Demon 14th Annual Ball at CoSM

I'm super excited to share that I'll finally be headed out to CoSM to paint with Alex and Allyson Grey! I'll be there for the 14th annual Deities and Demons Halloween Ball! I've heard so many amazing things about CoSM, I can't wait to finally experience it for myself. 

The Multi-Colored Machine

It's finally done and available now for purchase. 22 illustrations to be modified as you see fit. I think it turned out beautifully, I'm very happy with the quality that Girlie Press on Capitol Hill turned in, and I think you'll love it too. It's signed and can be yours for only $12



"Water Spirit" Time Lapse

Here's a time lapse video I made over the course of 5 long days (about 60 hours total) working on this painting from the very start. It is meant to be a companion piece to the "Forest Spirit" painting I made a couple weeks before. I started without any real concept or sketches, I only knew it needed to match the spontaneity and looseness of the Forest Spirit. This proved to be very challenging! You can see in the video how many times I had to rework the face before I found what I was looking for. So here it is, 60 hours compressed into a minute and a half! 

water spirit.jpg

Golden Fluid Acrylic Love

I just want to give a nod to these paints which have been a game-changer for me starting last year. I was using Golden tube paints and getting the desired consistency while painting live was a hassle and never really quite produced the results I was looking for. Golden Fluid paints are the perfect consistency but still have full tinting strength, in other words they're not made by watering down tube paint, their pigment strength is the same as the tube paints yet they're not thick like tube paints and flow easily so you can quickly cover large areas and mix them easily. These combined with a nice big stay-wet palette are a dream. Golden Fluid acrylics have had such a strong influence on my painting that I'm starting to use these acrylic paints in the studio and might even prefer them over my oil paints. At least at the moment.


I used to only work in oils but when I started live painting I had to learn how to use acrylic paint and it was a struggle at first but these are so much fun to use and I can achieve effects that would not be possible with oils, plus I can work FAST! Totally in love.


Anatomy of a Painting: Eye to Eye

This is my first attempt to create an art demo video. I'm was looking for a balance between brevity and yet still informative but maybe this is a tad rushed... This is not meant to be an in-depth instructional video but rather a quick overview of one process that I've used to make a painting. I rarely take all these steps but I think that this is a good method to explore and it can take some of the frustration out of painting if your normal approach is to just dive into a painting without any preparation. (which I do often!) Let me know what you think! 

Eye to Eye_full.jpg

Eye to Eye, 2010
Oil on board


The Forest Spirit: Time Lapse Painting

This video shows about 7 hours of painting today. I'm working in acrylic on canvas (30x40").

I started with the image in my head but didn't work with reference of any kind. This idea came from a vision I had about 4 months ago and at the time I made a quick sketch but this painting evolved away from that concept quite a bit. It was going to be an owl shaman, but this painting didn't retain a whole lot of owl energy. This is not finished, it will get another few hours of work at least before I call it done. 

And here is a still of the painting at the end of the day. 

Forest Spirit