live art

The Forest Spirit: Time Lapse Painting

This video shows about 7 hours of painting today. I'm working in acrylic on canvas (30x40").

I started with the image in my head but didn't work with reference of any kind. This idea came from a vision I had about 4 months ago and at the time I made a quick sketch but this painting evolved away from that concept quite a bit. It was going to be an owl shaman, but this painting didn't retain a whole lot of owl energy. This is not finished, it will get another few hours of work at least before I call it done. 

And here is a still of the painting at the end of the day. 

Forest Spirit

8-Hour Painting Time Lapse

Here is an example of how a typical live painting might unfold. You never really know where a painting might take you! After I finished this video I worked on the painting for another couple hours. 

Below is a shot of the painting after 8 hours of work.
Yes, It is for sale! 20x23 Acrylic on canvas. $600
Hit me up if you're interested. 

8 hour painting (mountain)

8 hour painting (mountain)

Lucidity 2018

My first experience at Lucidity in Santa Barbra was really really epic. What a magical gathering of beautiful people. I made so many new friends and started a couple new paintings that I hope to finish in the coming weeks.

Here is a peak at one of them that a friend captured with this beautiful photo. This painting is a tribute to the Sun, spring time and the renewal of life as a new cycle begins, and life springs forward after a period of dormancy. 

New Beginning

I've started a new YouTube channel!

Here is my first post, I'm basically just having fun with my new GoPro, learning how to create a time lapse video and all that. This little painting was made in about 5 hours or less. I'm working in acrylic on canvas here. The quick drying time of acrylic is important when live painting. 

I plan to do these time lapse paintings at least a couple times a month and the finished paintings will all be for sale immediately. Hit me up if you're interested in purchasing one. 

Speed Painting #1 Timelapse

Preparing the background for this weekend's live painting at Praxis Arts

I'm recycling an old surface as the starting point for this one. It was a painting that I started at Imagine Festival last year and didn't think it was worth finishing. There was a big elephant head floating in the middle that I blacked out last night and roughed in a few new lines over the top. At the event on Saturday I'll start to paint in a mask integrated with the geometric shapes of the background. 

Hope it goes better than the elephant did! It's always an adventure live painting without a hard plan.