8-Hour Painting Time Lapse

Here is an example of how a typical live painting might unfold. You never really know where a painting might take you! After I finished this video I worked on the painting for another couple hours. 

Below is a shot of the painting after 8 hours of work.
Yes, It is for sale! 20x23 Acrylic on canvas. $600
Hit me up if you're interested. 

8 hour painting (mountain)

8 hour painting (mountain)

Working on something new...

Here's a close crop of a new painting I started the other night. It's a big one! The piece is another in my series of experiments with organic, or abstract sacred geometry. I've decided to spend some more time this year working in acrylic instead of oils. I can work very quickly this way and studio safety isn't as much of an issue, which is important! Check out more progress shots on my instagram page. (link at the bottom of the page)

Detail of my newest painting in progress

Detail of my newest painting in progress

Preparing the background for this weekend's live painting at Praxis Arts

I'm recycling an old surface as the starting point for this one. It was a painting that I started at Imagine Festival last year and didn't think it was worth finishing. There was a big elephant head floating in the middle that I blacked out last night and roughed in a few new lines over the top. At the event on Saturday I'll start to paint in a mask integrated with the geometric shapes of the background. 

Hope it goes better than the elephant did! It's always an adventure live painting without a hard plan.