Concentration is Key

I've been spending some time working on this acrylic panther piece titled "Concentration". It's been sitting around the studio unfinished for too long. Time to concentrate on finishing it, hopefully in another day or two. 

"Concentration" a work in progress...

"Concentration" a work in progress...

Georgetown Art Walk

Getting ready for the Georgetown art walk at Praxis this Saturday. Pretty much everything on this wall is from the last few weeks! Come by this weekend and see what we've been up to...


I Am the Universe Tapestries!

I'm ordering some new tapestries and the first tests have arrived in the mail. These are of the painting "I Am The Universe", a painting from 2016. They will be about 32x64" and go for $100. As I'm preparing to order the first batch, who thinks they'd like to get one? I can offer them at a discount for pre-orders. Say $85 for pre-orders? Let me know by the end of this week. Thanks, and stay tuned for other designers as well. These look great and I'm super excited! 


Golden Fluid Acrylic Love

I just want to give a nod to these paints which have been a game-changer for me starting last year. I was using Golden tube paints and getting the desired consistency while painting live was a hassle and never really quite produced the results I was looking for. Golden Fluid paints are the perfect consistency but still have full tinting strength, in other words they're not made by watering down tube paint, their pigment strength is the same as the tube paints yet they're not thick like tube paints and flow easily so you can quickly cover large areas and mix them easily. These combined with a nice big stay-wet palette are a dream. Golden Fluid acrylics have had such a strong influence on my painting that I'm starting to use these acrylic paints in the studio and might even prefer them over my oil paints. At least at the moment.


I used to only work in oils but when I started live painting I had to learn how to use acrylic paint and it was a struggle at first but these are so much fun to use and I can achieve effects that would not be possible with oils, plus I can work FAST! Totally in love.


Keeping Busy

I spent the last week working on some smaller whimsical pieces, 5 to be exact. Here are a few, still in progress. When I start to feel like I'm stagnating on the large-scale serious oil paintings it's helpful to breakaway and have a little fun. 


Anatomy of a Painting: Eye to Eye

This is my first attempt to create an art demo video. I'm was looking for a balance between brevity and yet still informative but maybe this is a tad rushed... This is not meant to be an in-depth instructional video but rather a quick overview of one process that I've used to make a painting. I rarely take all these steps but I think that this is a good method to explore and it can take some of the frustration out of painting if your normal approach is to just dive into a painting without any preparation. (which I do often!) Let me know what you think! 

Eye to Eye_full.jpg

Eye to Eye, 2010
Oil on board


The Forest Spirit: Time Lapse Painting

This video shows about 7 hours of painting today. I'm working in acrylic on canvas (30x40").

I started with the image in my head but didn't work with reference of any kind. This idea came from a vision I had about 4 months ago and at the time I made a quick sketch but this painting evolved away from that concept quite a bit. It was going to be an owl shaman, but this painting didn't retain a whole lot of owl energy. This is not finished, it will get another few hours of work at least before I call it done. 

And here is a still of the painting at the end of the day. 

Forest Spirit

Coloring Book Project

The long anticipated coloring book project is underway! These are some rough early examples of what you might see on a page. I still have a lot of work to do but I hope to have this available for sale by this summer. Printing will be expensive so if you are feeling it, you can donate via PayPal to this cause. Use email Donations of $10 or more guarantee you a copy of the book as soon as it is available! 


Gong Bath at Praxis Arts

We were treated to a gong bath by Wayne Marto of Beneficial Sound this past Friday night. For a full hour the other-worldly sounds of Wayne's 8 planetary gongs filled Praxis and resonated deep in our bodies for hours afterwards. Feeling a tad creative, we stuck around after for a little art jam!

It went so well in fact that we want to have at least one a month. The next gong bath will be May 27th. Stay tuned for an official announcement.

Time for a gong bath! 

Time for a gong bath! 

Endless Experimentation

The last few days I've been in a casual mood, making small pieces without any real direction or goal in mind. I have more than a few large serious pieces calling my name but it's important to play around and today that feels right.

GPTempDownload 2.jpg
IMG_7628 copy.jpg

8-Hour Painting Time Lapse

Here is an example of how a typical live painting might unfold. You never really know where a painting might take you! After I finished this video I worked on the painting for another couple hours. 

Below is a shot of the painting after 8 hours of work.
Yes, It is for sale! 20x23 Acrylic on canvas. $600
Hit me up if you're interested. 

8 hour painting (mountain)

8 hour painting (mountain)

Lucidity 2018

My first experience at Lucidity in Santa Barbra was really really epic. What a magical gathering of beautiful people. I made so many new friends and started a couple new paintings that I hope to finish in the coming weeks.

Here is a peak at one of them that a friend captured with this beautiful photo. This painting is a tribute to the Sun, spring time and the renewal of life as a new cycle begins, and life springs forward after a period of dormancy. 

New Beginning

I've started a new YouTube channel!

Here is my first post, I'm basically just having fun with my new GoPro, learning how to create a time lapse video and all that. This little painting was made in about 5 hours or less. I'm working in acrylic on canvas here. The quick drying time of acrylic is important when live painting. 

I plan to do these time lapse paintings at least a couple times a month and the finished paintings will all be for sale immediately. Hit me up if you're interested in purchasing one. 

Speed Painting #1 Timelapse

Weekend Live Painting

I spent a few hours down here on Saturday and Sunday painting and talking to people who walked in off the street. This show comes down now and a new one os going up in May...more to come. 

The Terrarium

The Terrarium

Setting up in the window to draw people's attention

Setting up in the window to draw people's attention

DJ booth...

DJ booth...

Painting and getting some sunshine at the same time.

Painting and getting some sunshine at the same time.

Hanging out at the Terrarium tomorrow.

The Terrarium before we hung a ton of art on the walls...

The Terrarium before we hung a ton of art on the walls...

I'll be hanging out here painting in the window like a goldfish. We have a temporary show up for this weekend only. Me and three other artists are sharing some work. The place should be open about 2-8pm, maybe later. We'll have some good tunes and vibes going when you arrive. Saturday and Sunday only! Cheers. 

2312 2nd Ave, Seattle.
For those of you who have been in Seattle for awhile, you may remember this as the old Roq La Rue gallery. 


Live Painting Last Night

Last night I painted at another EntsInTents event, Bloom! We set up in the old Roq La Rue building on 2nd and Bell and brought in 6 other painters and their art for the evening. I had started with an large circular birch board, a live painting from last year that I decided to paint over...after about 5 hours of steady work I think I like the new direction and plan to finish this in the studio, hopefully in the next few weeks.