Moksha Marquardt is an American artist from Seattle, Washington. He studied commercial art in Seattle in the early 90s. Although he had an introduction to painting at that time, he is mostly self-taught. The creative process is his passion and way to connect to spirit.

Undoubtedly growing up in the PNW has had the deepest influence on his work. His subject matter comes almost entirely from nature and there is a noticeable lack of man-made elements in his work. He is searching for a way to communicate the emotional experience of being in the woods where so much life and death is slowly dancing together. The circle of life is present in nearly all of his work in one way or another.

Moksha spent more than 20 years working digitally as an environment artist in the computer game industry and worked on everything from children’s educational software to cutting-edge virtual reality adventures.

In 2019 he co-founded Woodspirit Artist Refuge with artist Carrie Schmitt. Woodspirit is an artist retreat center in Duvall, Washington where the couple currently lives.

Please watch the video below for more info about Moksha’s art and process.




I've been live painting since Cascadia NW Art and Music Festival in Washington state in 2015. I was instantly hooked on the experience and have since had many opportunities to contribute my art to these gatherings.

I have had the honor of painting at events with Alex and Allyson Grey, Autumn Skye Morrison, Eric Nez, Luke Brown, Tessa Mythos, Burgandy Viscosi, Simon Haiduk, and so many other talents .

Learn more and see pictures of the events I’ve painted for on the live painting page.


This is a time-lapse video of me painting my Forest Spirit painting last year. You can watch other time-lapse videos, instructional videos and more on my Youtube channel.



I love painting. I didn’t always though. My relationship to painting has changed as I have advanced along my journey. I’m self-taught and so I have had to learn the hard way, through trial and error. Lots of error! Painting used to be much more of a struggle for me and as a result I had a sort of love hate relationship with it…

Over the years I have slowly developed new techniques and confidence which has made painting a great joy, the love of my life. I can’t imagine not being able to paint and I have come to the point in my journey where it’s time to help others find this same love for painting.


A recent commissioned painting, 2018


I love the collaborative process that evolves while working with a client on a painting. I am open to ideas, and I love a good challenge…

I’m available to create original work in either acrylic or oil paints. I strongly prefer to work with acrylic paints these days for health reasons but I am willing to work in oils, though those tend to take much longer to create and are therefor more expensive.

I’m also building my own custom frames now as well as some other exciting items like a functional “prayer wheel” and playable drum heads.

For more info and rates please see the commissions page.


You can stay in the know by following me on Instagram. Your likes and comments on social media are a great way to help support me if you can’t afford to spend money in the shop. Artists look to things like Instagram for real income these days so it does matter, and I appreciate any little gesture of support.

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Since 2013 I have been displaying and selling my paintings and drawings in the Seattle area. Below is a list of some of the shows from the last few years. 

  • September 13-15th 2019 “Imagine Music and Arts Festival” Orcas Island WA

  • *June-July 2019 “Return to Nature” Longevity Foods, Duvall WA

  • March 2019 “Matrix of Trees” AXIS Gallery, Seattle WA

  • April 7th-9th 2018 "Lucidity Festival" Branches Mobile Gallery, Santa Barbra, CA

  • November 2nd 2017 "Revelation Road Trip" AXIS Gallery, Seattle WA

  • August 2017 "Spectral Visions with Luke Brown" 2312 2nd Ave, Seattle WA

  • May 2017 "Terrarium" 2312 2nd Ave, Seattle Ave, Seattle WA

  • April-May 2017 "Dream and Vision" Victrola 15th Ave, Seattle WA

  • December 2016 “Seattle Group Show” Praxis Arts, Seattle WA

  • *November 2016 “Death and Serenity” Praxis Arts, Seattle WA

  • *September 12th-December 31st 2016: "Changes" Victrola, Amazon, Seattle WA

  • *July-August 2016: "Drawings" Flying Apron, Seattle WA

  • July 21-24th 2016: Cascadia NW Art and Music Festival, Granite Falls WA

  • June 2nd 2016: "Strange Paradise" Axis, Seatle, WA

  • *February 12th 2016: "Eye to Eye: A Solo Exibition" Urban Light Studios, Seattle WA

  • *November-December 2015: "Origins" Victrola, 15th Ave, Seattle WA

  • *October-Novemebr 2015: "Halloween Show" Rebar, Seattle WA

  • *September-October 2015: "Phantom Limb: Seven New Paintings" Victrola, Pike St, Seattle, WA

  • September 3rd 2015: "Trace Amounts" Purple Cafe, Seattle WA

  • July 23rd-26th 2015: Cascadia NW Arts and Music Festival, Granite Falls WA

  • *November-December 2014: QCafe, Seattle WA

  • *December 2013- February 2014: Victrola, Pike St, Seattle WA

  • *September-November 2013: Victrola, Amazon, Seattle WA

  • *June 2013: Victrola, 15th Ave, Seattle WA

*designates a solo show

Sketching plants at a greenhouse in Fayetteville, Arkansas 2012

Sketching plants at a greenhouse in Fayetteville, Arkansas 2012