A recent commissioned oil painting, 2018


I love the collaborative process that evolves while working with a client on a painting. I am open to ideas, and I love a good challenge but please have a look at my work and understand the kind of subject matter I generally work with before you ask me to paint your dog or baby.

I’m available to create original work in either acrylic or oil paints. I strongly prefer to work with acrylic paints these days for health reasons but I am willing to work in oils, though those tend to take much longer to create and are therefor more expensive.

After a conversation with a client I will provide a few rough sketches for us to discuss and once we have an idea we are both happy with I’ll jump right in. I may provide a tighter sketch or a digital mock-up but I prefer to keep the process organic and some of these steps may not be necessary.



I’ve recently been collaborating with my friend, Gordon to design and build custom wooden frames. They are built right here on our property in his wood shop and are of the highest quality build you can find. These frames are not something you can get at a frame shop! I’ll hand Gordon a sketch of the frame and he works his magic to make it all come to life.

Check out the slide show below that details the process of designing, building and finishing a frame.


We have also been building functional art pieces that we are calling "prayer wheels”. Based on an idea by Carrie Schmitt, and designed by Gordon, these wheels are meant to be used in ritual or prayer. You simply write your wish, prayer or affirmation on a piece of paper , drop it in the wheel and give it a spin. I have painted a couple of these wheels for clients and they are very well loved.



Rates for paintings are generally between three to five dollars per square inch but may be higher, depending on level of detail and medium. For example, a 18x24” oil painting could cost about $2,200, plus shipping and tax.

Pricing for other items is harder to determine without knowing the specifics of the job. Please email me for more information on pricing or to discuss a commission.