I've been live painting since Cascadia NW Art and Music Festival in Washington state in 2015. I was instantly hooked on the experience and have since had many opportunities to contribute my art to these gatherings. I have had the honor of painting at events with Alex and Allyson Grey, Autumn Skye Morrison, Eric Nez, Luke Brown, Tessa Mythos, Burgandy Viscosi, Simon Haiduk, and so many other talents . Visuals are such an important part of these experiences and when I'm painting I feel like the energy of the room is channeled into my art which shines back into the room and creates a kind of feedback loop! It's been an honor and I hope to do a lot more live painting in the future. Below are a few of the events I've worked at.

I like to approach live painting as a performance rather than paint as if I were at work in my studio. The paining evolves more quickly and is generally more energetic to watch and is therefor more entertaining!

Watch this video to get an idea of how I work in a live setting. 



  • CoSM Deities and Demon Masquerade: Capel of Sacred Mirrors, NY October 27th 2018

  • Imagine NW Arts and Music Festival: Orcas Island, WA September 7th-9th 2018

  • Beloved: Tidewater OR, August 10th-13th 2018

  • Lucidity Festival: Santa Barbra, CA, April 7th–9th 2018

  • Imagine Festival: Orcas Island WA, September 8-10th 2017

  • Spectral Visions with Luke Brown: Seattle WA 2017

  • Blessed Coast: Squamish BC, July 28-30th 2017

  • Cascadia NW Art and Music Festival: July 13-16 2017

  • EntsInTents Altararium: May 27th 2017

  • EntsInTents Bloom!: April 22nd 2017

  • Cosmic Mirror: with Alex and Allyson Grey with Android Jones. February 25th 2017

  • -EntsInTents Caravan: Seattle, WA 2016

  • -EntsInTents Mythical Creatures: Seattle, WA 2016

  • -Bass Bees and Frequencies: Seattle, WA 2016

  • -EntsInTents Terrarium: Seattle, WA, 2016

  • -Hempfest: Seattle, WA 2016

  • -Cascadia NW Art and Music Festival: Granite Falls, WA 2016

  • -EntsInTents Chrysalis: Seattle, WA 2016

  • -EntsInTents: Rainy Daze: Seattle, WA 2016

  • -Darling Reunion: Eugene, OR 2016

  • -Cascadia NW Art and Music Festival: Granite Falls, WA 2015

Terrarium 2016 Photo: Jim Carey

Terrarium 2016 Photo: Jim Carey